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Let’s design you a radically authentic & holistically wealthy life you’ll love!


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Discover the path of your own personal prosperity!

Money is a teacher. Use our journal prompts and outlines to design your own ideal life and funnel your infinite abundance into the areas that matter most to you!

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Hi, I’m Michelle Bobrow!

I’m a life design coach who helps passionately idealistic leaders live holistically prosperous lives of meaning and impact.

My father’s first words to me were “Marry money, Michelle” but I don’t think he quite intended it to manifest as a career in banking that led me into life & money coaching. Having gone from shopaholic to budget-enthusiast in the pursuit of fulfillment, money led me down my personal path to enlightenment.

Having recovered from capitalistic burnout, I’m here to help you use money - and all of the other forms of non-numerical currency - as guides to help curate a more authentic and fulfilling life so that you can amplify your mark on the world without sacrificing your joy and wellness.  

it’s my personal mission to help you design your own unique life path that helps you fund your aspirations, live your best life, and impact a better world.




Clarity Conversation

Hire Michelle for an inspiring and constructive conversation to map out what actionable steps you can take to go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and grounded. If you’re feeling lost, burned out, or anxious about your place in the world or its impact on your wellbeing, you’ll finish this call with major clarity to play the IRL Game of Life authentically and sustainably!


Play-Money Program

The Play Money Process™ is a self-coaching program modeled after Michelle’s signature coaching framework. This is a deep-dive into the 4Ds of manifesting abundance and holistic prosperity for yourself and the world around you.

Early enrollment coming May 13th, 2019.

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Hire Michelle to radically guide and support you one-on-one through your own unique Perennial Prosperity journey with her signature Play-Money Process™ framework. This work will revolutionize the entire way you manage your mortal experience with money and all other forms of non-numerical currency so that you can measure and amplify your impact on your world within and around you.

Past Clients

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Michelle is so much more than a financial coach. Her wisdom and insight healed me in ways I never would have expected while diving into mostly money related topics. She uses money as a lens to view your entire life and somehow that actually makes things clearer.
— Danielle S.
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My work with Michelle has blown me away. My marriage is healthier, my bank account is fuller, I’m on track to leave my job in a couple months to focus on my business... It started out as the Magic Art Of Tidying: Money Edition but I feel like I was hypnotized into acting totally differently with spending and earning money.
— Lisa B.
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I started recommending Michelle to anyone who brought up the topic of money after my first session with her. Money is so much less intimidating to me now and my new wealth mindset has brought so much more ease and fun into every area of my life.
— Melissa P.

Give me 60 minutes and I will help you off the path to bourgeois burnout and on your way to your own authentic and fulfilling version of Perennial Prosperity!

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