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i'm Michelle and i love to play with prosperity.


But the idea of holding ourselves back made my skin crawl. Money can seem so trivial in the grand scheme of things and yet when it comes to creating the lives we desire, we need that money a little bit. (Thanks, capitalism!). It wasn’t until I started treating the other non-quantifiable currencies of our lives such as mental health, spiritual purpose, and relationships that I discovered the friction we experience is just designed to help guide us towards our authentic selves.

The faster we digest the clues these various forms of currency supply us, the faster we start to fund our desires naturally.

Living a conscious and impactful life has been the central focus of my being for as long as I can remember. I love to explore new information, experiment with these insights, and refine this wisdom into a framework for living a more inspired life. I am forever observing, processing, and expanding.

Having spent my entire adult life in the realm of money and banking, I’ve struggled to balance the rules of money with living a mortal life to its fullest. It always felt like the two were eternally at odds with each other: You either held yourself back and saved or you lived freely and spent.

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The Play-Money Process™

Money isn’t just currency; Money is a teacher. By developing a deeper relationship with the various currencies in the game of life and listening to the clues and messages they share with us, we can better understand our purpose in this mortal world and design our best lives to protect that mission.

nothing illustrates “prosperity” better than an impactful and sustainably satisfying life.

I developed a simple framework to physically, emotionally, and spiritually process the greater purpose these currencies serve in our lives as we pursue our own personal paths towards holistic and radical prosperity.

Using the Wheel of Wealth and The 4 Ds of my Play-Money Process™, we can accelerate the time it takes to grow wealth, fund our passions, and heal the world around us. I invite you to cycle through the 4D Play-Money Process™ with me!


The Discover Phase involves collecting clues hidden inside the ways we experience our life choices and circumstances that can lead us towards manifesting inspired wealth.


The Discern Phase is about processing the information we’ve received and choosing what we want to pursue and what we want to release as we might solve a puzzle… The Prosperity Puzzle.


The Disrupt Phase is where we take radical action to physically pursue and embody the desires and passions of our inner beings as we set out on the adventures uniquely and divinely designed for us.


The Discipline Phase is the daily commitment to stay on our chosen paths towards the life and its lessons we’re meant to experience in our mortal bodies, no easy feat in our modern economy.

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Clarity Conversation

Hire Michelle for an inspiring and constructive conversation to map out what actionable steps you can take to go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to inspired and grounded. If you’re feeling lost, burned out, or anxious about your place in the world or its impact on your wellbeing, you’ll finish this call with major clarity to play the IRL Game of Life authentically and sustainably!


Play-Money Program

The Play Money Process™ is a self-coaching program modeled after Michelle’s signature coaching framework. This is a deep-dive into the 4Ds of manifesting abundance and holistic prosperity for yourself and the world around you.

Early enrollment coming May 13th, 2019.

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Hire Michelle to radically guide and support you one-on-one through your own unique Perennial Prosperity journey with her signature Play-Money Process™ framework. This work will revolutionize the entire way you manage your mortal experience with money and all other forms of non-numerical currency so that you can measure and amplify your impact on your world within and around you.


Download The Money Mirror Playbook!

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Discover the path of your own personal prosperity!

Money is a teacher. Use our journal prompts and outlines to design your own ideal life and funnel your infinite abundance into the areas that matter most to you!

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