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Perennial Prosperity: The Book

Cultivating A Wealthy Life with the Play-Money Process™ 

Most people spend their days working to earn enough money so that they can eventually live a joyful, authentic life only to find they never seem to get to that dream destination. They live stressful, struggling lives in the hopes that they’ll finally get to experience a prosperous bloom in their lifetime only to find that nothing has blossomed quite they way they had hoped or planned.

In this radical and rule-breaking look at authentic self-fulfillment, mindful life and money master Michelle Bobrow shows us that prioritizing your most joyful and authentic life first is what ultimately drives and funds everlastingly prosperity. By pursuing the path to wealth as a fun-loving player of the money game, you can start sowing the seeds of a healthy and prosperous life right away!

Perennial Prosperity guides you through the Play-Money Process™, a spiritually-minded and pleasure-focused framework that teaches you how to consciously design your own money game in the pursuit of holistic wealth and wellness. By showing you how to bloom from within, this book is both a practical inspection and a spiritual exploration into your unique and divine path to a holistically prosperous life.

By adventuring along through the Play-Money Process™ with self-exploring exercises and mindfulness practices., you will complete this experience with a strong foundation for internal peace and infinite wealth.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Welcome To Your Money Garden!

Chapter 1: Using Money As A Mirror To Reflect Your Divine Authentic Path

Chapter 2: The Play-Money Process™

Chapter 3: Discovering

Chapter 4: Discerning

Chapter 5: Disrupting

Chapter 6: Disciplining

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:

Chapter 9:

Chapter 10:

Chapter 11:

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About The Author

Michelle Bobrow spent her entire adult life in the realm of money and banking, first in capital markets and then as a financial coach, having been cursed by the first words her father spoke to her: “Marry money, Michelle.” Having struggled to balance the rules of money with living a mortal life to its fullest, Michelle often felt like the two were eternally at odds with each other: You either held yourself back and SAVED or you lived freely and SPENT.

Naturally rebelling against her father’s intentions, Michelle found the pursuit of money so trivial in the grand scheme of things and yet so necessary in creating the lives we desire within capitalism. It wasn’t until she started playing with the oddities of her spiritual consciousness that she started to see the financial friction we all experience as just a clue-filled adventure in the game of life. The faster we digest the lessons money teaches us, the faster we start to fund our desires. And that’s where the real fun begins!