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book a 60-minute Clarity Conversation with Michelle!

Hire Michelle for an inspiring and constructive conversation to map out what action your money clues are guiding you to take.

We’ll meet in my Zoom room (video conference) to discuss whatever’s on your mind.

What Can We Cover?

  • You want to address the beliefs currently holding you back from creating and sustaining holistic wealth,

  • You want to use your privilege and resources to do more good than harm and don’t know where to start,

  • You want to customize how you can make value-driven money habits fun and easy in your everyday life,

  • You want to develop a clear and actionable blueprint for any aspiring life changes,

  • You want to gain clarity around your goals, values, and the impact you wish to have on the world,

  • You want to be a fully informed and educated consumer who makes economic choices to your benefit as well as the world around you,

  • You want some inspiration to maintain focus and flexibility through the ebbs and flows of the game of life,

  • You want to set a foundation to balance your own financial needs with the needs of the world around you.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life or anxious about your economic impact on the world, you’ll finish this call with major clarity to get out of analysis paralysis and take action right away.

Kind words from past clients:

Michelle is so much more than a financial coach. Her wisdom and insight healed me in ways I never would have expected while diving into mostly money related topics. She uses money as a lens to view your entire life and somehow that actually makes things clearer.
— Danielle S.
My work with Michelle has blown me away. My marriage is healthier, my bank account is fuller, I’m on track to leave my job in a couple months to focus on my business... It started out as the Magic Art Of Tidying: Money Edition but I feel like I was hypnotized into acting totally differently with spending and earning money.
— Lisa B.
I started recommending Michelle to anyone who brought up the topic of money after my first session with her. Money is so much less intimidating to me now and my new wealth mindset has brought so much more ease and fun into every area of my life.
— Melissa P.

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