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Let’s work together to manifest your true prosperity!

Money actually does buy happiness.*

*(But only up to the first $75,000/year.)

For better or worse, capitalism has the rules of money defined that the ambitious, passionate, and purpose-driven life you’re after costs money.

We’re not just talking about buying #allthethings (although if that’s your thing - go for it!) but chances are you’re here because you’re not about that life.

You want to be an agent for change while doing work that lights you up and it would be perfection if you had plenty to cover to personal needs. We’re talking about funding a life that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.

Money is just another belief system (one of the few we all seem to agree on) and its spiritual purpose is to guide us into authentic self-expression and meaningful connection with the world around us.

That’s why consciously playing the money game with purpose is a radical act of self-care and community service.

When your financial boundaries are set aligned with your personal definition of true prosperity, all the other logistics in your inspired life just flow. You get to live the life you’re most passionate about once you use your money to prop up your values and passions.

Having more money only helps when you’re directing that currency towards your higher ambitions and visions for the world around you.

Money isn’t the solution - it’s just a resource - but it will only cause more problems until you heal your relationship with it.

I'm here to provide practical, creative, and spiritual guidance to help you claim your holistic prosperity and fund a meaningful life!

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The Play-Money Process™

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Money isn’t just currency; Money is a teacher.

By developing a deeper relationship with money and listening to the clues and messages it shares with us, we can better understand our purpose on this planet and manifest our truest desires simply by playing along with the money game.

I developed a fun and simple framework to physically, emotionally, and spiritually process the greater purpose money serves in our lives as we pursue our own personal paths of holistic prosperity.

Using the 4 Ds of my Play-Money Process™, we can accelerate the time it takes to grow wealth, fund our passions, and heal the world around us. I invite you to cycle through the 4D Play-Money Process™ with me!


The Discover Phase involves collecting clues hidden inside our choices money and financial circumstances to lead us into manifesting inspired wealth.


The Discern Phase is about processing the information we’ve received and choosing what we want to pursue and what we want to release as we play the money game.


The Disrupt Phase is where we take action to physically pursue the calling of our inner beings as we set out on the adventures uniquely designed for us.


The Discipline Phase is the daily commitment to stay on our chosen paths towards the life and its lessons we’re meant to experience in our mortal bodies.


Because your life, goals, and values are so unique, our time together will be customized to your specific needs and preferences. We’ll deep dive into the strategies most useful for you and create a financial life that serves your highest self.

All Private Coaching packages include with four months of unlimited support, accountability, and guidance as you build the skills and confidence to create your wealthiest life.


We’ll work together for four months of unlimited support, accountability, and guidance as you build the clarity, confidence, and conviction to create your wealthiest life.

  • One 90-minute foundational session to identify the life and money legacy you want to establish, the strengths to utilize on this journey, and how to translate this all into an actionable mission,

  • Unlimited 30-minute coaching sessions to work through mindset blocks, value conflicts, life choices, habit transitions, and anything else necessary to manifest your true prosperity,

  • Unlimited Voxer & email access between coaching calls to troubleshoot your actionable assignments while ensuring you're staying focused and supported on your journey,

  • Recordings of all coaching sessions with notes so you can be fully present on calls.

Bonus Materials:

  • Annual access to all of Michelle’s practical money & magic programs so you can learn how to play the money game intentionally well,

  • Holistic Financial Plan Template and Money Game Tracker to use forever & ever,

  • Copies of 2 custom-picked books which will be impactful and inspirational on your journey.

Ready to get started?

Kind words from past clients:

Michelle is so much more than a financial coach. Her wisdom and insight healed me in ways I never would have expected while diving into mostly money related topics. She uses money as a lens to view your entire life and somehow that actually makes things clearer.
— Danielle S.
My work with Michelle has blown me away. My marriage is healthier, my bank account is fuller, I’m on track to leave my job in a couple months to focus on my business... It started out as the Magic Art Of Tidying: Money Edition but I feel like I was hypnotized into acting totally differently with spending and earning money.
— Lisa B.
I started recommending Michelle to anyone who brought up the topic of money after my first session with her. Money is so much less intimidating to me now and my new wealth mindset has brought so much more ease and fun into every area of my life.
— Melissa P.
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