Defecting From The Cult Of Capitalism

About a year ago, I was at an event with a bunch of “successful entrepreneurs” who were deemed successful based on their stated revenue and Instagram followings. I was encouraged to connect with them and bask in their energy and absorb their wisdom.

A few minutes into a conversation, I realized these supposed icons of success had no idea what the fuck they were talking about.

I remember feeling this way in my corporate career, too - getting life and money advice from people who were not in any place to be giving advice but drove luxury cars and lived a high-end lifestyle.

Our culture places so much value on money that we are taught to seek the wisdom of apparently wealthy people to guide us towards prosperity and enlightenment.

And the apparently wealthy people assume the responsibility - as long as the price is right - because they internalize the status they become associated with.

A friend who makes a living selling people advice on how to make a living recently said to me, “In one quarter, I made all the money I earned last year so I’m doing something right.”

Honey, no! I’m not saying she’s doing anything wrong but please explain to me what in that statement indicates doing anything right.

That whole “I make $X, therefore I know what the fuck I’m talking about” is the greatest pyramid scheme of all time.

Just to be clear, this is NOT class warfare. This is not me saying the apparently wealthy and privileged are untrustworthy.

What I am saying is that by trusting someone solely because they supposedly (I cannot stress that this is a perception enough!) are financially abundant, and then ultimately being let down by that person once they fail to meet our expectations, we are reaffirming the belief that the rich cannot be trusted, that the rich are bad, and that the rich are con artists.

But the thing is the people we trusted never should have been trusted in the first place, not because they have money but because they lack anything else.

Our supposedly empowering money beliefs (read: can-do capitalism with or without the laws of attraction) have been multi-level marketed to us. They are a detour to get to the same point that our oppressive money beliefs got us: to be so fixated on the money that we disregard the red flags everything else.

Picture me as Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire shouting “Show me the impact!” because...

Money is not credibility. Money is not trust. Money is not wisdom. Money is not worthiness. Money is not expertise. Money is not power. Money is not integrity. Money is not prestige. Money is not winning. Money is not prosperity. Money is not wellness. Money is not intuition. Money is not glory. Money is not intelligence. Money is not success. Money is not legitimacy. Money is not abundance. Money is not strength. Money is not proof. Money is not justification. Money is not enlightenment. Money is not permission. Money is not transformation.

When you look to money alone as a standard of measurement, you will be left gravely disappointed because the money is neutral, arbitrary, and totally fucking random.

Money is trees turned into paper, metal into coins. Money is mostly code in a computer on a cloud. Money is a prop in the modern game of life. Money is a quantification of exchange. Money is a system of order and convenience. Money is meaningless without our consent.

Now, this has taken me a while to write. There were parts that triggered a nerve in me which is why I took this post so seriously: I need to hear what I am saying just as much as I want to share this with you.

So I pulled some cards and this has been my most powerfully oh-right-duh reading I can remember.

This reading has shooketh me.

Let’s dive in...

UNION: the foremost issue.

As social beings, we look to others for what we cannot see in ourselves. However, the truth of the matter is that we are all mirrors. We are creating everyone and everything of our own consciousness. Therefore, if we are looking to others for answers, we already have them inside of us.

Unity is a push and a pull. We are all one within the universe and yet we are not the same. Themes may be mirrored but exact experiences and outcomes are not. We will never seek satisfaction and fulfillment through others until we can love and accept who we are from within.

Also, there was something in this card description about loosening up our attachment to the outcome which has generally been a major theme in my life personally and, if the mirror thing holds true, likely yours, too.

WISDOM, the most effective way to rid ourselves of the influence of the foremost issue.

Obvs, but how does one obtain wisdom? Through trial and error. Reflect upon the valuable insights from your own life and decipher truth from half-truth. Trust your inner voice over the voice of others. Quiet the mind and shine from within.

“Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life.” My own spin on this: Don’t pay for knowledge when you’re looking for wisdom.

ADVENTURE, the area of discomfort.

The willingness (key word there) to learn is testing our rational and intuitive boundaries to step into uncertainty and risk. It is an adventure to contemplate a new way of dealing with a situation. It is courageous to discard outmoded ideas and behaviors. There might be some pain and discomfort with this but, hey, new beginnings!

COMPASSION: Compassion, my healing strengths to the world.

I am a master of compassion. Not all the time, but when I am grounded and clear, oh yes. This is a reminder to be aware of strong judgements and expectations carried by myself or others.

Connecting with an open heart, extend sincere and unconditional love and caring to everyone, and work towards alleviating suffering.

This applies to everyone, even the people on the receiving end of my blame and bitterness. More on that to come...

POWER, the lesson.

We often measure our worth against the illusion of worldly status and mistake material gain for power. This only equates to power if we let it, looking outside ourselves for the strength and wisdom we feel we lack. Authentic power comes from within and the ability to recognize and discern takes many years if not lifetimes. Stand firm in your power and convictions. Purposeful thoughts and deeds from truthfulness, honor, and respect.

Power is internal. Power is granted to us by ourselves. Power is a belief and we are not subject to anyone’s beliefs but our own.

Card #6: Trust, the wisdom that open  your secret door to new possibilities. We all must endure lessons regarding trust which deepen our understanding of life and enable us to discern more wisely. Broken trust can lead to blame and bitterness and it restricts us from giving and receiving with a whole heart. Trust your judgement. Look for valuable insights hidden amid disappointment or the rewards of a wise decision. Both have equal power. Trust your own powers and embrace the wisdom of your divine and knowing nature. A soothing presence of trust.


We do need the insight of others but we don’t have to take it as fact. When someone says “JUMP!” we are not meant to jump. We are meant to take that information and discern between whether or not jumping is the best action for you in this moment.

So forgive the apparently wealthy for thinking they have all the answers and forgive yourself for falling for that shit because we’ve all been conditioned all our lives to unlearn personal discernment and follow the herd and now we are all stuck in a neverending timeshare seminar and we just need to stand the fuck up and walk out.

Let’s take this anger and dissatisfaction with the status quo as an opportunity to create new standards of performance measurement that exist beyond money.

Get out of the echo chamber. Defect from the cult.

(P.S. The same can be said for white supremacy and the patriarchy but that’s another story for another time…)

Michelle Bobrow