Creating True Prosperity With The Play-Money Process

I’m no stranger to anxiety. Almost every single morning, I wake up anxious. The day ahead feels scary for reasons unknown considering there’s a pretty decent chance I’m safe and I get to “live the dream” (technically speaking).

So the quick mindset shift I practice to get out of a bed is a simple “Let’s go on an adventure in search of clues!” And then I just continue going about my day like I’m on some spiritual scavenger hunt trying to realign myself with my innermost being who doesn’t give a hoot about mortal problems.

I ask questions like: What do I want? What would feel great? What feels off? What do I want to throw in a dumpster and light on fire? And if it comes to me right away, great! But usually it takes a little more exploration just by doing normal everyday things.

It’s this ongoing practice that led me to my 4D Play-Money Process™ of connecting with whatever invisible and intangible guides our mortal selves are partnering with to create our true prosperity.

The 4 Ds are Discover, Discern, Disrupt, and Discipline and we continuously cycle through them with each new clue we receive in our everyday lives.

Practically speaking, these phases look as simple as asking yourself: What is this? Is this a yay or nay for me? What radical action can I take to authentically pursue what is best for me? How can I keep showing up for this thing knowing the game is rigged to test me to conform?

For me, the easiest, most accessible source of clues in our capitalistic economy with rampant social injustice on top of an ailing planet is MONEY. Our thoughts, feelings, and experiences around money tell us everything we need to know.

I believe that money is a masterfully placed prop in our prosperity puzzles and by engaging with money more consciously, we can peel away the layers closest to our ideal lives.

Ready to play?

Money is a mirror.

Money is a mirror. But what does that mean exactly? Our thoughts, feelings, and what-the-hecks with money typically mirror the same theme that plays out simultaneously in every other area of our lives.

For me, one of those themes is fairness and equality (or the lack thereof). One of my infamous grudges is that my brother got money toys for his mediocre grades while I got bupkis for my straight As. 20 years later, this is still a major theme in my life although it looks much different.

The conflict in my money story is that there just isn’t any fairness in who gets the pot money (as if there is only one finite pot of money). But by processing how this theme has played out in my life (with and without money), I’ve opened up new avenues of wealth and prosperity by embracing (not bypassing!) my fixation on fairness and kindness.

Until I figured out how to balance fairness and kindness in my money matrix, I was never going to experience true prosperity.

So if I want money for my Robinhood agenda, it’s okay if I receive money without having deserved it more than others. Fairness and unfairness can exist together as long as my character is aligned with pursuing fairness in some way.

When it comes to money, we see what we want to see.

When we follow our intuitive sense of what’s true and right for us and we do what we genuinely feel joyful energy for, we always seem to have enough money to be, do, and have the things we truly need and want.

If it is truly right for you in this place and time, the money will be there for you. And if it’s not, the money may be a barrier to guide you towards a different path, likely one of greater growth.

The Money Mirror Playbook will help you uncover how the flow of your energy has played out to get you to this point so that you can the universe to support you financially, usually in a very surprising and unexpected way. It’s not so much about healing this wound right away. It’s about finding which wound to heal.


I have spent a LOT of money on frivolous, unnecessary, and just plain shitty business investments to the point that I questioned my own dang sanity. “How could I - a. money. coach. - be so stupid?!”

It turns out that I wasn’t stupid at all - I was just human and my human brain was attacked by a virus that overwrote my discernment software.

The same thing happens in any psychologically abusive relationship where our sense of reality gets so distorted that we’ll trust anyone else before we trust ourselves.

Modern marketing techniques are designed to gaslight us into believing that we are nothing without their product or service.

We are not asked “Hey, would you like this?” We are told “You are a failure and you will always be a failure unless you buy what I am selling you! (All major credit cards accepted.)”

In the 1970s, we saw 500 ads each day. Today? The number is over 5,000! No wonder our discernment muscles are so dang burned out!

And the older we get, the deeper that intuitive gut feeling gets buried within us leading to a lot of bad investments in goods, services, relationships, career paths, meal choices, etc.

There is so much junk in our Instagram feeds telling us to invest in our best selves by purchasing whatever lifestyle experience they’re selling. And while I believe in a limitless benevolent universe where anything you desire is yours for the taking, what I don’t believe in is any human knowing what any other human should invest in.

The only way to rebuild your discernment once it’s been corrupted is to start from the beginning. It’s digging deep to uncover the true self at your core that knows damn well what your best self actually wants.

How do you get there?

Today, you’re going to be marketed to a lot. (5,000x plus, remember?) and each time you’re going to be given the opportunity to affirm or deny.

When presented with X, ask yourself “Yes/No?” and then when you get your response, ask “Why?” five times.

This is the information gathering exercise that I call the Discover phase - gathering data points to help you act in alignment with your unique version of true prosperity.


As you start finding your way back to your authentic self with simple “yes/no?” & “why?” questions, you’ll notice that after being manipulated and nonconsensually influenced so long, it’s hard to know whether your gut instinct is even your gut instinct.

Is your response truly yours or have you been socially conditioned to value what you think you value?

That’s where we have to get comfortable making the wrong choices.

Feeling spending shame or buyer’s remorse? Cool - you’ve identified what doesn’t feel good! Now it’s time to discern between what is aligned with your true self (and what would feel better).

All of the money I’ve felt like I “wasted” has served as prosperity clues into what I truly want, what I truly value, and what is truly ME.

This is why shadow work is so important: Dredging up what triggers us and exploring our thoughts and feelings about them is so much more impactful than setting blind intentions and bypassing the discomfort.

And it’s so much fun to play through this with money!

A Note On Money Blocks

Everyone talks about busting through money blocks but what if that money block is there to serve you? Your money blocks are not meant to be busted through. They are meant to be carefully deconstructed and, when you find out how they work and feel like they actually serve your truest self, reassembled. (Otherwise, trash ‘em!)

There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re suspicious of the influence of financial wealth. You’re not what needs to be fixed when you don’t feel comfortable conforming to whatever lifestyle the self-appointed influencers are selling.

You are not who has to change. (Quite the opposite!) You get right back to who you truly are!

There’s another path to true prosperity very few people seem to have aligned with just yet. And to get there, you’re going to need to be a bit more disruptive.


Once you identify what’s really going on around you and what lifestyle would be most aligned with your authentic self, it’s time to #dothething. And that’s where Phase 3: Disrupt of the Play-Money Process™ comes in.

It’s HARD AF to be disruptive, to do things differently from the status quo, to stand in contradiction with the other humans around you.

But the messages you’re receiving from everyone are just holographic projections of their own personal designs. They have nothing to do with you. They do not have the power to affirm or reject who you truly are without your permission.

Once you’ve decided what serves you and what doesn’t (or at least made your best guess), GO FOR IT. Once you’ve decided what your authentic self looks like and how they show up for the world around them, BE. THAT. PERSON.

If you don’t like the way things are, change them.

Because when we follow our intuitive sense of what is true and right for us and we do what we genuinely feel energy for, we always always always seem to have enough money to be, do, or have the life we truly need/want.

It’s that moment we choose to follow the flow of our authentic energy that the universal forces around us rise to the occasion to support us financially and energetically (and usually in the most surprising and unexpected ways).

When we are committed to being our authentic selves, despite whatever anyone else keeps trying to drill into our souls, the money and resources will be there for it.

I believe that’s the whole point of the money game: to figure out how to use the energy of money to support our authentic beings and guide us towards our genuine values.

This game gets all the more fun when keep showing up as that disruptive player in the money game because authenticity is the absolute path to true prosperity.


To remain authentic and true to one’s self is nothing less than a discipline. From a very early age, we are socially conditioned to conform and to overwrite our internal software to match the programming of those around us.

We’re faced with this constant push and pull between belonging and banishment. Deviating from the norm is controversial and it makes some of the people we love very, very uncomfortable - even with the simplest of authentic actions...

For example, I spend a few hours every Sunday, the same few hours other people might spend in church or at their kids’ soccer games, preparing myself for the week ahead. I prepare all of my meals, I pick out all of my outfits, I assess the past week, and I map out my schedule and goals for the week ahead.

I call this “decision batching” so that I have more headspace throughout the week to discern between more important things like what inspired topics I want to write and talk about or who I want to catch up with or which weather-permitted outdoor activity I want to venture into. It gives me clearly defined space to be the person I dream of being.

Because of this, I’ve been called uptight, rigid, and crazy.

While I know that my happiness and prosperity hurts no one, I also understand that my version of radical self-care triggers people who don’t get their own poops in a group so that they can do what brings them joy.

Sometimes this makes me want to stop and conform but sabotaging my efforts to perform at my best and in alignment with my goals and values serves no one. And even though I know this and believe this in my core, it takes a heck of a lot of discipline to stay on my path.

If you’re not happy with the way things are, you are right. But if you don’t keep showing up to discover, discern, and disrupt what feels wrong around you, you are never going to feel right.

You have to be in the driver’s seat with your foot on the gas. When you catch yourself deviating from your path, just make a sharp left turn and get back on it.

That’s all there is to it: It’s making choices over and over again to get back to your unique path. And THIS is the magical path to prosperity.

This is exactly how cycling through the simple steps of discovering, discerning, disrupting, and disciplining ultimately manifests your unique path of prosperity.

True Prosperity

True prosperity has very little to do with money and also so much to do with money at the same time. Life is funny like that.

Money isn’t just currency; Money is a teacher.

And by developing a deeper relationship with money and listening to the clues and messages it shares with us, we can better understand our purpose in this mortal world and manifest our truest desires simply by playing along with the money game.

That’s why I created the Play-Money Process™ because I believe, with all the uncertain and impermanent shenanigans around us, we need to play more.

Look at the world around you and compare it to the world 100 or 1,000 years ago. We are literally living somebody’s vision of magic.

I don’t say this so that you’ll just get over yourself and feel grateful because there are starving people around the globe and it’s insensitive to feel lack. I say this so you know that having all the things isn’t where happiness and prosperity comes from. (Besides, statistically speaking, as a society, we’re not any happier for all the technological wealth and magi around us.)

Prosperity comes from this bizarre sense of faith that YOU MATTER and who you are is exactly who you need to be to contribute a positive impact to the world around you.

Prosperity comes from within. It comes from doing the work (read: play) to peel away the layers of the onion so you can uncover what you really, truly want out of this human experience and the courage to take action to head in that direction.

That’s why I love the work I do. That’s why I love to share this process That’s why I love to write and talk about all this grander-than-life life stuff.

Because whether you’re a lawyer or a coach or a musician or an ice cream scooper, your prosperity is our prosperity.

Defect from the cult that keeps selling you supposed “secrets” of manifesting millions of dollars by bypassing less-than-happy thoughts. Just keep cycling through the four phases of my Play-Money Process™ and splash around in your own intuition and inspiration.

If you’re interested in a personalized quest with my Play-Money Intensive, click here.