How To Stay High-Vibe When You're Feeling Low

When we talk about prosperity and wealth, it’s easy to center the conversation around work and money. So when we’re troubleshooting the reasons why we do or do not feel all that prosperous, we tend to focus on what we do to receive money to solve the puzzle.

When grappling with discontentment or overwhelm, it’s easy to think that if we just had a different job or more money, everything would be better.

But work and money is only a piece of the puzzle. My goal with the journal prompts I’m going to share with you is to get you into a positive growth-mindset so that you can be content with your work and financial life enough to take care of your whole life holistically.

I explain this more in my training on the Wheel of Wealth or what is known in most self-coaching frameworks as the Balance Wheel. There are various ways to categorize the areas of our lives and the 8 I have settled on are mind, body, spirituality, creativity, productivity, money, space, and social.

In other words, the work and money stuff is only one quarter of the puzzle at best.

So if you’re feeling low-vibe in work or business, this is your cue to check your mindset. Even if you can’t change your circumstances right away, you can always control how you think and feel about them and how you can choose to respond to them.

These tools and exercises are designed to help raise your vibration when you’re feeling low, especially in areas of work and money, so that you can stay passionate and continue to manifest your ideal life.

Let’s get started!

First, the most essential self-care habit to implement is setting boundaries and meeting your basic needs to be able to show up as your best self.

What self-care “in the shop” can be:

  • Taking short breaks at work especially if you sit at a desk most of the day

  • Staying hydrated (with water, not coffee) and eating nourishing food

  • Taking a quiet and technology-free lunch break to just be with your thoughts, read a book, or brain dump all the thoughts swirling around your head

  • Using your vacation days and trusting that everything will be okay when you return

  • Saying no to projects or events that get in the way of your best work

  • Forming supportive relationships with high-vibe coworkers

  • Seeking out new challenging projects and activities if you’re feeling bored

  • Not answering your phone or emails unless there’s an actual crisis

  • Standing outside for some fresh air or going for a walk around the block

If these self-care habits don’t seem to be doing the trick and you’re still feeling stuck and stressed - a place that is impossible to manifest abundance from - it may be time for some deeper work to evaluate what’s going on.

These are great prompts to bring you mental clarity that you can apply to any area of the Wheel of Wealth, but are especially helpful when it comes to work and money. Sometimes, we just have to take a moment to slow down and reflect on our current situation in order to start moving forward.

So pull out a journal and let’s reflect!


Think back to when you first started working in your current job or business. What attracted you to it? What steps did you have to take to get there? Why did you want this job or business in the first place?


This is similar to the first question but helps you tap into the exact feeling you might need to help you discern whether you should stay or try something different. Write out what you remember feeling. Excited? Nervous? Passionate? Energetic?


Compare this answer to the answer to the previous prompt. What differences do you notice? What new information or experiences have come to light? When did you start feeling different? Try to pinpoint any changes in this arena.


You can’t fix a problem without knowing exactly what it is. Get as specific as possible. Is it your workload? Your lifestyle? The circumstances in your life? Your income? Your relationships? Your lack of direction? Your goals?


Sometimes there’s nothing you can really do about the material factors in your life, but something that is always under your control is your mindset. Sometimes, we let things bother us more than they should or we continue to focus on the negative instead of the positive. So it’s more than likely that a few mindset shifts can go a long way when it comes to how you feel about what’s getting you down.

If you are in a situation where you feel you’re in the wrong field for whatever reason, and you have a burning desire to go try something new, that’s always an option too. Hold onto that light at the end of the tunnel and get really, really excited for it!

These questions will help light you up and that’s exactly the bright energy we want you tap back into when you’re feeling down. Besides, when you’re emotionally rewarded with what you’re doing, it starts to feel much more spacious and prosperous.

Making fresh changes is also a great to tap into the novelty of something that has since grown stale is a great way to get out of a funk and get back into the high vibe you operate from best.

But wait - there’s more!

THE HAPPY PLACE DOCUMENT: The Hail Mary of Prosperity

The “happy place document” is a tool I created after I noticed I kept forgetting examples (read: proof) that the world is a magical place when I was anxious, depressed, or dealing with a flat-out crisis.

The “happy place document is basically a running tab of positive things that you’ve experienced, especially in the areas that feel the most difficult for you right now.

For work, these can be projects you successfully completed, praise you received, an impact you made, your favorite coworkers/colleagues, or just a really good catered luncheon.

For money, this can be a great sale, a credit card you paid off, or a raise you received.

For spirituality, it can be that wacky moment of divine timing that led to something you can only describe as pure magic.

For creativity, it could be a meal you mastered, a movie that always lifts your spirits, or watching the sunset on the beach.

You get the point!

The idea is that since these positive moments may not come by as often as we’d like, we write them down to remember and reflect on them when things get rough because our brains just aren’t great storage devices.

And when we feel low, we have this cheat sheet to glance over and feel back into alignment with our high-vibe selves. If you’re not smiling as you’re adding things to the list, keep adding more!

If you’re reading this blog post on the internet right now, I promise there’s plenty of magic to add even if you have to dig a little deeper. (Brilliant memes are often on my list!)

These feelings will serve as a reminder of why you do what you do and assure you that you are on the right path to your own authentic and radical prosperity.


We all have some Negative Nancys in our lives that are itching to see us shift into low-vibe mode for their own validation. The truth of the matter is that even if these people changed all the circumstances in their lives that they blame for their unhappiness, they would still find something to be miserable about without changing their own mindset like you’re doing.

You create your reality so make a conscious effort to change your perception of things. Choose to find the positive in your situation as opposed to focusing on the negative. Consistently express gratitude even in the face of adversity and be mindful of your thoughts.

Sometimes the reality could be that you need the Universe to deliver some big changes out of your control but make sure that you remember the impermanence of a rough patch and that you can be excited about what’s to come even if you’re not feeling great about what currently is.