Simple Luxuries To Indulge In To Manifest Prosperity

“You’ll see it when you believe it.” This is the title of one of my favorite personal development books by Wayne Dyer. And it’s SO true.

What we focus on expands, so if we’re focused on growing wealth or creating prosperity from a place of not already having it, we’re going to be stuck in that place until we change our perceptions.

In my Wheel of Wealth Masterclass, I explain the 8 holistic currencies you need to have in the bank to grow true prosperity and only one of them is money.

Whatever it is you feel like you’re lacking now - the Wheel of Wealth Masterclass will help you identify exactly what that is if you don’t know yet - getting yourself into a luxurious state of mind to attract more of that goodness is your ticket out of lack mode.

It’s impossible to transition from a scarcity mindset to a wealth mindset when you’re feeling like you don’t have what you desire. Our brains are always looking for proof to affirm our feelings. So if you change your feelings, you can change your perception, and then ultimately change your reality.

One of my favorite “hacks” to attract prosperity is lavishing myself with simple luxuries and - in spite of what the self-care industry will make you believe - it doesn’t much (if any!) financial investment.

One of the most exquisite pleasures in my experience has been having time at home without a to-do list, to enjoy my sanctuary that comforts me, rejuvenates me, and allows me to dream so that I am fully grounded when I step back into the outside world.

Being the master of how I spend my time and what I pay attention to is my personal definition of pure luxury.

When I realized this, I started paying attention to my home environment, I began to pay attention to how I spend my days. Was I exhausted and unfilled at the end or exhausted and feeling productive? Did I have time in my day to spend it with those I loved, converse with those who engaged in creative, uplifting and thought-provoking conversations, or care for myself in such a way that was conducive to my overall health?

And depending upon my answer, I would tweak, eliminate, maximize or designate more or less time to those activities that improved the quality of living.

The Wheel of Wealth Masterclass helps you define exactly what that looks like to you.

Living well is truly about prioritizing how we spend our days. Did we make time to enjoy the day, spend it with those we hold dear, take time to respect what our minds and bodies need or did we cram everything into our waking hours in order to fit a mold that has nothing to do with our authentic beings?

Everyone’s path to living well will be different, but the key is to know what you want generally and aligned the nitty gritty to that theme.

Our lives intermingle with the rest of the world, but if we bring our best and true selves with good intentions, our luxurious state can carry over into the material world around us.

We’re conditioned to think we don’t deserve being too indulgent in our own unique desires. We only treat ourselves to them from time to time.

But if you’re seeking a prosperous life, you have to indulge in a prosperous living, and these ideas can help you embody that energy to manifest more of it.

With patience, careful planning, and a bit of discipline, everyday life can indeed be lived luxuriously and can actually enhance the quality of the world around us.

Below are 20 ways to foster a simply luxurious way of living, but these are just a taste. Feel free to curate some of your own.

1. Cook at home.

Find simple, yet delicious recipes and discover the pleasures of cooking on your own schedule for your own dietary needs and preferences. How magical it is to be able to cook such flavorful and diverse menus!

2. Sip your favorite beverage slowly.

When was the last time you drank your favorite beverage and actually savored it? Maybe it’s a latte, a soda from your childhood, or even just infused water. Take a Once, twice or three times a week depending up on your schedule and diet, select a favorite beverage to enjoy mindfully. Lose track of time and just let yourself fully taste

3. Wear fancy underpants.

I used to be someone who wore the most cheap value-pack cotton undies. After listening to this podcast on empowering lingerie, I decided to invest in a week’s worth of sexy panties and non-athletic bras.

Fancy undies are for the person who wears them, not for anyone else without x-ray vision, because simply knowing we are wearing beautiful and comfortable undies feels like a sexy secret. And since manifesting begins with our thoughts and feelings, this is an easy way to lift our spirits.

4. Let go of busy and do less.

A powerful decision that will change your day-to-day living drastically for the better is to let yourself do less so you can be more. Busy doesn’t mean better or more productive. It simply reveals a life that perhaps could be managed better.

The Busy Olympics has become status quo in our society but when we let go of busy, we have more time for moments of leisure and luxury. After all, living well means living a life of quality, not quantity.

5. Cultivate an empowering capsule wardrobe for each season.

Knowing you have clothing in your closet that will make you feel your best is a very powerful tool to possess as you begin your day. While this takes time and patience, pick your favorite items and mix and match them. This helps ward off decision fatigue, keeps you from spending your money when you have “nothing” to wear, and gives you a uniform to dress into to physically connect with your most prosperous and authentic self.

6. Discover a luxury triggering scent.

Similar to knowing you are wearing luxurious undies is the choice of scent you layer upon your skin before stepping out the door for work or for play. Our sense of smell is a very powerful force in activating emotions to pick an essential oil, perfume, or candle to trigger the feeling of luxury for you.

7. Design a workout regimen to look forward to.

Whether you enjoy exercising outdoors or attending classes lead by instructors that inspire you and classmates that boost your mood, explore your interests and community to see what is available and what captures your needs and desires. That endorphin rush is a great way to tap into your higher energy and feel better, stronger, and super capable.

8. Treasure hunt at home.

Look around your home for items you might have forgotten about. Rediscovering the abundance that already exists in your life is a super powerful way to tap into a mindset of luxury and prosperity.

9. Be a kind person.

While everyone has days that you are simply grumpy for any list of reasons, taking it out on others is something you will most likely regret. No matter what you have to say, there’s always a way to deliver it with kindness and compassion. Being conscious of how we treat people will almost always be appreciated (at least internally!), and even if it is taken for granted, at least we can go home at night and feel good about the energy we put out into the world.

10. Elevate the conversation.

This is naturally easier said than done when we are exhausted, stressed and frustrated, but when you do your best to refrain from complaining and gossiping and when your conversations are full of growth-minded and optimistic information, you can walk away inspired and motivated. Why not bring such a conversation to those in your world?

11. Create an evening routine to look forward to.

At the end of the day, your body and mind may be entirely taxed which is why making time (even 15 minutes) for unwinding with a favorite activity is crucial to raising your vibration. For me, this is simply taking 10 super deep breaths, washing my face with cold water, and writing a little list of things I’m grateful for. Being able to look forward to this simple routine can be the silver lining no matter what your day has unearthed.

Whatever inspires you on your journey to true prosperity belongs in your everyday life. Cultivate an everyday life that perhaps no one would believe is possible. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Why not spend your life living intentionally well each and everyday?